Product Review- Chewigem Australasia

I’m not afraid to admit that I am always chewing on or fiddling with something I shouldn’t be! I tend to do it when I’m concentrating, thinking, listening to people talk, focussing and when I’m anxious/stressed. It really is just a matter of needing that tactile sensory aid, not because I do it just for fun.

I contacted Catherine from Chewigem Australasia, I explained what I was after and she pointed me in the direction of the Twister Bangles which are super flexible, for a junior sized wrist (but will stretch over an adults hand) and for mild chewing.


I was excited to receive my order in the mail, the customer service Catherine had given me created high expectations for the delivery of the item. It was with me within 4 days of ordering and I was not disappointed. It was safely and neatly packaged with it’s own resealable bag and a business card.


Taking my bracelet out of it’s bag, I was immediately distracted by how flexible and soft it was, I was able to twirl it around my fingers over and over again. The quality of the bracelet is obvious, there is no funny taste when you put in your mouth and the design is perfect for people like me who need that tactile sensory aid. Unlike other items, you can slip this on your wrist and don’t need to worry about losing it or trying to remember where you put it. It is a bonus that they are heat proof, water proof and don’t harbour bacteria as that means they can be worn all the time and it doesn’t matter!

I like how simple the bracelet is as I can subtly wear it with any outfit and use it when I need! I do believe that when I return to university next month my bracelet and I will be best friends, I’m so easily distracted, but if my hands are busy I’m much better.

For anyone who is like me and needs that sensory tactile aid feel free to contact Catherine and have a chat, she is easy to communicate with and will help you to the best of her ability! I plan on growing my collection to one of each colour, a girl can never have too many bracelets, right?!

You can visit Catherine on Facebook at Chewigem Australasia Silicone Jewellery or visit her website and check out the range of different items available for all types of sensory needs.




Hello 2014!

For Bubble Kids 2013 was a big year, we met our 1,000 likes milestone and ended the year with 5,000. We raised over $1,500 for various charities and we made entertaining children much easier for many families across the world.

2014 will see us expanding and becoming bigger and better. We have plans to become more than just a Facebook page, we plan to spread out into our local area and further across the internet.

I would like Bubble kids to be come well known in all different states of the world. I love what I do, I love making people happy but yet, the highlight of Bubble Kids is seeing the reaction of people when I raise money for their charities.

I have our mascot, Olive, to help me out now. She joined Bubble Kids at the beginning of this year. She will keep me in line and post a few blogs of her on! The aim of having Olive is to create a few giggles and give you something to share with your children, she will get up to mischief and follow me everywhere.

I love Bubble Kids and sometimes I still don’t believe that it has gotten this big, I never had big dreams for this but I do now and I believe it can be done with the help of all of you.

So keep your eyes peeled, 2014 will bring many new adventures and ideas to Bubble Kids.

Thank you for supporting me. ❤


Happy Birthday to us!!

Happy Birthday to us! Both of our Facebook pages turn one today. We, before we knew each other, made our Facebook pages on the same day! Here is a little bit about both pages and us. ❤


This time last year I put my left foot forward and took the step to start Bubble Kids. At the time I didn’t think I could do it, but looking back now I realize that I was truly wrong. Many changes have been made over time, looks, admins and the way it runs but I still love every minute of it.

Over time I’ve had days were I want to give it up because of people who are disapproving or people who take all the credit and take what we spend hours putting together to use it as their own. I still have days were I want to give it up but I generally cure that by posting a status and seeing how much everyone loves what we do.

I do love doing what I do, love spending hours searching out new ideas or finding a particular idea for someone who has requested it. I love working along side Sam to bring together the page that everyone loves.

A year on and I had no idea I would’ve come so far. I have not only found and built the beautiful friendship with Sam but I have made many more true friendships throughout my journey that I was never excepting. I now write a blog about anything and everything, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the encouragement that came from Sam and my many loyal followers that have supported my journey. I have also started a book and I am in the process of a newsletter with many more ideas to come!

The highlight of most of my mornings is jumping on and seeing how many new likes and notifications have accumulated overnight, never fails to disappoint me! Even after a bad day I can jump on and know that there are heaps of people who love what we do.

As I said, my journey over the year has not been what I expected. If someone told me 12 months ago that I would have made some new very royal and true friendships with people I have never met I would’ve laughed at them! I could write for hours about who has inspired me or helped me through but unfortunately I have to leave some room for Sam to write about Bewitching Jewels so I’ll be fast!

Rachel from Inspirational Advice and I became friends back in May when I helped her out on her other page. We get along well and we have some very unusual conversations. Rachel often helps me with writing or tells me what I can do to make it better. And then there is the amazing Alicia from Something Pretty Something Blue. Alicia is well, Alicia! She always knows what to say and is always there to make me smile! Without these two lovely ladies and the amazing Sam I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have. They are my own personal support team.

Lastly, I would like to quickly thank all of you for helping me get this far and all of your comments and ongoing support! Both Sam and I really appreciate every little bit.

So help us celebrate Bubble Kids and Bewitching Jewels‘ birthday by entering our giveaway. Happy Birthday to us!

❤ Amy-lee


When I started Bewitching Jewels this time last year I was a stay at home mum looking for something else to do, I had always been creative in one way or the other so I created Bewitching Jewels in hope that I could extend my creativity into a business. I loved it when I started out, making customers happy and making some new friends were the highlight of my job. Over time I have explored my creativity further, I have stepped away from my comfort zone and created many pieces inspired by a simple thought or idea. To this day, I still love working and making customers happy.

Amy-lee has, over a few months, become the other half of Bewitching Jewels. At one stage I was overwhelmed with orders and wanted to close my page and stop my business. I told Amy-lee this and she quite sternly told me not to be so silly, jumped on and has never left. With her responding to my messages and emailing me every work day with the work that I need to do it has made it much easier for me to handle. Although I now have to sometimes share my employee of the month award!

Other than making customers happy the best part of my job is when I’m giving free reign on an order and able to create what I think would work best. I absolutely love experimenting and playing with wire, it is one of the many highlights of my job. The Disney Princesses are our inspiration at the moment. Our range of princess necklaces and pieces are expanding every week and we love it!

I love feedback, I love seeing my items in action and reading about how much they are loved by their owners. Amy-lee and I pride ourselves on great customer service, we go out of our way to reply as promptly as we can and provide all the information needed so we love hearing about how that is appreciated.

Most of all, I love my ongoing supporters, so to all of you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Help us celebrate by entering in our giveaway!

❤ Sam


My Inspiration

They say little sisters make the best friends. In my case, it’s true. My little sister (and other two siblings) are my life.

I was 7 when Bethany was born, I was so excited, I still remember getting the first cuddle and being very happy! Just like when my other younger brother and sister were born we got a gift. From Bethany it was a little blue teddy with “Amy” on its tummy, I still have it on my shelf.

Bethany was born on the 28th of February in 2000, 2 minutes away from being a leap year baby! Born at 8 weeks premature she was tiny, I remember Mum asking to use my Baby Born to measure her car seat but yet it was still too big!

Between the ages of 2 and 4 Bethany had 4 ear operations. After her first operation she heard a bird tweet for the first time, her reaction was amazing. I remember her coming home and demonstrating to us all what the nurses and doctors did while she was being put to sleep, she laid on the ground and showed us how they put her mask on with her hands by her side.

When Bethany was 4 she snapped the growth plate off of her elbow and twisted it 360 degrees all by tipping herself out of the car. She was so very brave. After an ambulance trip to Launceston and some surgery she was back home being the usual cheeky 4 year old. Nothing could dampen her spirits.

When she was 7 years old she spent 6 weeks with plaster, knees down, on both legs to help her to walk flat on her feet and not on her toes but yet she still went to school normally and went to dancing to watch what she was missing. Bethany has hypo-flexible tendons which have been the cause of her dislocating knee. She first did it when she was in grade 4, she took the term off of dancing but was back at it as soon as she was allowed.

Just last year she again dislocated her knee, 18 months after doing it the first time. This was when I realized how brave and strong she really was. She spent four days at home and then was at school everyday on crutches with a splint on her leg. Just 8 weeks later she was back at dancing, dancing even better than before with no fear at all.


At the dance graduation 6 months after dislocating her knee she blew the audience away with her public funk dance exam and came away with honours and an achievement award, I was one very proud big sister!


This year she has given up dance for a while and taken up piano and I have to say, this child is too good at everything! Starting grade 7 this year she is following my footsteps (as much as she hates being told she is!) Bethany has joined in choirs, helped out the school with fundraising and been a class captain all while being her happy bubbly self with such a big heart.

Bethany is my inspiration. She is so strong and so brave that I wish I could just be half like her! She truly is an inspiration.


Not a day goes by that I am not proud of her or my other two siblings. I love them with all my heart and would do absolutely anything for them. But don’t tell them that, I need to pretend that I’m the bossy big sister that tells them what to do!

Amy-lee ❤


Happiness is a Journey not a Destination

Clicking that “register” button I didn’t regret a thing. I was signing up to shave my head for the Worlds Greatest Shave. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, not even Mum, she found out through a text message later that day. I still remember her response “easy way of getting rid of regrowth!” As soon as I received my fundraising pack I got to work, advertising all over my Facebook page, sending donation boxes with my Nan and Pop to markets and raising money everywhere I could! I felt so happy, I was helping the Leukemia Foundation to be able to help people with Leukemia. The month before shaving my head I decided to run an online raffle. I got so much support and many donations from it! On the 15th of March my hair was shaved off. I raised a total of $700 and I was so glad I could help. That feeling of being able to give some hope and help to people that are in need of it was the most amazing feeling.


Few months later I got an urge to fundraise and help out again. This time I had huge trouble choosing just one charity (yes, that means many more auctions to come!) but in the end I chose Precious Hearts. Precious Hearts is a charity that provides care packages to children who have or are going to undergo heart surgery. I loved that they allowed me to raise money to help them out. Again, the adrenaline of raising money and helping out was fantastic. I loved every minute of hunting down businesses, planning the auction and contacting the winners. I managed to raise almost $800.


As you can probably tell, I love giving. Giving makes me happy. It doesn’t have to be anything large, I often simply walk through town smiling to strangers to make their day a little brighter, you have no idea if they have had a rough day or are going through a rough patch but a small smile always helps. The is nothing better than knowing you made someone happy, cheered someone up or made a situation easier for someone.

My goal in life is to inspire someone so much that they can say to me “you’re the reason I didn’t give up”, I’ve inspired many people from shaving my head, to dealing with failing well to just posting ideas and quotes everyday. I love happiness, but remember it is a journey not a destination.


My job for you? To turn to someone near you and tell them you love them with a smile or send someone a message just to make them smile. Random acts of kindness are the quickest way to make yourself feel good.

Much love,
Amy-lee ❤


Life from a different point of view

It is often said that people who don’t have a special needs individual in their family or friendship circle are the lucky ones. I disagree. Children and adults who have additional needs, no matter what it is, make you see life from a different point of view.

I have grown up with my Aspergers siblings, my younger sister and brother, and have loved every moment, yes there are times were I might have to repeat something or calm them down from getting so excited but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having them in my life has given me another perspective to how life is meant to be lived, the small things just slip by them without them even realizing, they have one focus at a time and are both very naturally caring and sympathic to everything they don’t feel is right.

One of my many favourite parts is how they can watch a movie once and quote it word for word and I mean every movie from Star Trek to Rush Hour, if they have seen it they can probably give you a full run down, quotes included! Watching them do household chores (like the dishes for example) and hearing them quote majority of a movie is a sure way to make to you smile and realize that life is never really that bad!

Like most people who have Aspergers, my sister and brother have an amazing talent in different aspects. Chloe is absolutely amazing at drawing, she can make a photo the size of an iPhone screen into a beautiful A1 masterpiece, all within a few hours, no drawing grids, penciling in important lines or anything, just straight to drawing! Every time I watch her, I’m still amazed that she can just do it, as I would have a thousand drafts before my final copy! Chloe drew these Vans for Mum’s Birthday, in one of her favourite colours and everything, every time I walk past them in the lounge room it still surprises me that it isn’t a photograph!


Rudy has many talents the two main ones being; the ability to pull apart anything and being able to put it all back together exactly how it was; phones, lawn mowers, car parts, anything, you name it, he has probably tried it! His other talent being photography, a hobby that can keep him occupied for hours, although he does get frustrated when trying to photograph the moon! I love this photo of a wallaby up in forestry of whom Rudy named “Joey”


I love having Chloe and Rudy in my life and enjoy the pointless conversations we have, I really wouldn’t change my family at all because at the end of the day I’m lucky to have them! Oh and my littlest sister, Bethany!

From left: Bethany, Chloe, Myself and Rudy

Both Chloe and Rudy have followed their big sisters footsteps and have their own Facebook pages. You can check Chloe’s art out over at Creative Flow and Rudy’s photography over at RJG Photography.

Next time you see a child, teenager or even an adult getting overly excited and flapping their hands or fiddling or someone having a meltdown over change or anything, give them a big welcoming smile, they are just like the rest of us.

And to all those people who have additional needs, you are just as fantastic as everyone else and to those that know someone with additional needs, remember, you are the lucky one.

Amy-lee ❤


Failing? Never! New Beginning!

No one would know, if I didn’t tell anyone, that I failed my first semester of university. Why? Because I didn’t spend hours mourning over the lost of 4 units that I now have to repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I got upset and angry at myself. I had a cry and wanted to give up, but I didn’t. After a few hours I told myself that it is just 1 out of 8 semesters. I still have 3 and a half years to show everyone that I can do it, that I can be a great early childhood teacher, not one that gives up when the going gets tough.

This semester I made a study plan, I started my assessments earlier and I cut my work load from 4 units to 3 so I can give them my best effort. Currently waiting for my first lot of assessments to be handed back, lets just say, it’s very nerve racking!

The reason I’m telling you all this isn’t to turn all future university students off of the thought of going or for people to have a laugh about me failing but to make it known that it is okay to fail, it is not the end of the world. Brush yourself off, pull yourself up and get back to it. As awful as it was to see that big nasty capital letter word “FAIL” next to my name I knew that it wasn’t the end, just the beginning of a more determined, stubborn and willing to work hard me.

The one piece of advice I took note of when I told people I failed was “you know you want to do this, keep your goal in mind, take it one day at a time and you can do this.” So with that in mind, in December 2016 I will become a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and then I will focusing on becoming a child psychologist. So many dreams, goals and aims but yet so little time!

My piece of advice for all of you is to grab your dreams and goals in both hands and run with it until you are happy.

Amy-lee ❤