Failing? Never! New Beginning!

No one would know, if I didn’t tell anyone, that I failed my first semester of university. Why? Because I didn’t spend hours mourning over the lost of 4 units that I now have to repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I got upset and angry at myself. I had a cry and wanted to give up, but I didn’t. After a few hours I told myself that it is just 1 out of 8 semesters. I still have 3 and a half years to show everyone that I can do it, that I can be a great early childhood teacher, not one that gives up when the going gets tough.

This semester I made a study plan, I started my assessments earlier and I cut my work load from 4 units to 3 so I can give them my best effort. Currently waiting for my first lot of assessments to be handed back, lets just say, it’s very nerve racking!

The reason I’m telling you all this isn’t to turn all future university students off of the thought of going or for people to have a laugh about me failing but to make it known that it is okay to fail, it is not the end of the world. Brush yourself off, pull yourself up and get back to it. As awful as it was to see that big nasty capital letter word “FAIL” next to my name I knew that it wasn’t the end, just the beginning of a more determined, stubborn and willing to work hard me.

The one piece of advice I took note of when I told people I failed was “you know you want to do this, keep your goal in mind, take it one day at a time and you can do this.” So with that in mind, in December 2016 I will become a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and then I will focusing on becoming a child psychologist. So many dreams, goals and aims but yet so little time!

My piece of advice for all of you is to grab your dreams and goals in both hands and run with it until you are happy.

Amy-lee ❤


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