Product Review- Chewigem Australasia

I’m not afraid to admit that I am always chewing on or fiddling with something I shouldn’t be! I tend to do it when I’m concentrating, thinking, listening to people talk, focussing and when I’m anxious/stressed. It really is just a matter of needing that tactile sensory aid, not because I do it just for fun.

I contacted Catherine from Chewigem Australasia, I explained what I was after and she pointed me in the direction of the Twister Bangles which are super flexible, for a junior sized wrist (but will stretch over an adults hand) and for mild chewing.


I was excited to receive my order in the mail, the customer service Catherine had given me created high expectations for the delivery of the item. It was with me within 4 days of ordering and I was not disappointed. It was safely and neatly packaged with it’s own resealable bag and a business card.


Taking my bracelet out of it’s bag, I was immediately distracted by how flexible and soft it was, I was able to twirl it around my fingers over and over again. The quality of the bracelet is obvious, there is no funny taste when you put in your mouth and the design is perfect for people like me who need that tactile sensory aid. Unlike other items, you can slip this on your wrist and don’t need to worry about losing it or trying to remember where you put it. It is a bonus that they are heat proof, water proof and don’t harbour bacteria as that means they can be worn all the time and it doesn’t matter!

I like how simple the bracelet is as I can subtly wear it with any outfit and use it when I need! I do believe that when I return to university next month my bracelet and I will be best friends, I’m so easily distracted, but if my hands are busy I’m much better.

For anyone who is like me and needs that sensory tactile aid feel free to contact Catherine and have a chat, she is easy to communicate with and will help you to the best of her ability! I plan on growing my collection to one of each colour, a girl can never have too many bracelets, right?!

You can visit Catherine on Facebook at Chewigem Australasia Silicone Jewellery or visit her website and check out the range of different items available for all types of sensory needs.




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