Bubble Kids

I will admit to Bubble Kids not being my own idea! In January last year Mum suggested that I do it for something to keep myself occupied. I didn’t like the sound of it to start with but in October last year I woke up one morning and decided that this is what I wanted to do. (Yes, she often says “You wouldn’t have gotten this far without me!”). When I decided that I would make something of the idea, I thought that I would get no where and be the type of Facebook page that never ever got up off the ground. I’m so glad that I fought through those days of no notifications or new likes because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to make heaps of peoples happy every day. The reason I do Bubble Kids, is different to the reason that made me decide to do it. I decided to do it to keep me busy and give me something to do but now I do it to make each and every one of you happy by posting a variety of posts each day.

My love for making people happy and seeing them smile doesn’t stop at Bubble Kids. I love helping out strangers in the street or just giving a friendly smile and so far this year I have fund-raised for two different charities. The first being the World’s Greatest Shave, of which I shaved off all of my long bright red (obviously dyed!) hair to raise exactly $700, of course, with the help of many businesses who donated to a raffle that I held on here. The second, being more recent, was an auction for Precious Hearts, who donate care packages to children who are having/had heart surgery, with the help of my followers and friendly businesses I raised a huge amount of $774! I plan on doing so many more charity events in the future, as I love knowing I can help people.

I am currently a Pre-Service Early Childhood Teacher, I have a huge passion of creating inspiring and engaging environments for children of all ages, I can’t wait for my 4 years to be up so I can get out there and practice what I preach!

Here at Bubble Kids there is more than just me. There is Sam. Who, in the past month, has became a huge part of Bubble Kids, she is the other half. She is getting so great at last minute scheduled posts when I forget! (Doesn’t happen too often…) We work so close and so well together that no one would imagine that we live 2,192.3 kilometres apart with the massive Bass Strait in between  Sam and I have only known each other for 8 months and now, if we ever had to not talk to each other, we would be lost. We throw ideas to each other and we often find ourselves making scheduled posts for each others pages at the same time instead of our own! The strangest thing about Sam and myself is that, without knowing (as we hadn’t met yet), we actually created our Facebook pages, Bubble Kids and Bewitching Jewels, on the same day, the same month and the same year!!

You know, I could talk about why I do this, how much I love it and how much I love Sam for forever. But I’m sure you all don’t have forever to read what I’m babbling on about… So I’ll wrap it up!

I love helping all of you, making you all smile everyday, I love helping Sam run and mange her page as well. Most of all. I love waking up and hearing (well reading) all your positive comments everyday, sometimes just enough to make a bad day into a good one.

So I hope you continue to love Bubble Kids like you do now and can follow us not only on Facebook but on here too as I blog my way through life.

Much love,

Amy-lee ❤

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