My Inspiration

They say little sisters make the best friends. In my case, it’s true. My little sister (and other two siblings) are my life.

I was 7 when Bethany was born, I was so excited, I still remember getting the first cuddle and being very happy! Just like when my other younger brother and sister were born we got a gift. From Bethany it was a little blue teddy with “Amy” on its tummy, I still have it on my shelf.

Bethany was born on the 28th of February in 2000, 2 minutes away from being a leap year baby! Born at 8 weeks premature she was tiny, I remember Mum asking to use my Baby Born to measure her car seat but yet it was still too big!

Between the ages of 2 and 4 Bethany had 4 ear operations. After her first operation she heard a bird tweet for the first time, her reaction was amazing. I remember her coming home and demonstrating to us all what the nurses and doctors did while she was being put to sleep, she laid on the ground and showed us how they put her mask on with her hands by her side.

When Bethany was 4 she snapped the growth plate off of her elbow and twisted it 360 degrees all by tipping herself out of the car. She was so very brave. After an ambulance trip to Launceston and some surgery she was back home being the usual cheeky 4 year old. Nothing could dampen her spirits.

When she was 7 years old she spent 6 weeks with plaster, knees down, on both legs to help her to walk flat on her feet and not on her toes but yet she still went to school normally and went to dancing to watch what she was missing. Bethany has hypo-flexible tendons which have been the cause of her dislocating knee. She first did it when she was in grade 4, she took the term off of dancing but was back at it as soon as she was allowed.

Just last year she again dislocated her knee, 18 months after doing it the first time. This was when I realized how brave and strong she really was. She spent four days at home and then was at school everyday on crutches with a splint on her leg. Just 8 weeks later she was back at dancing, dancing even better than before with no fear at all.


At the dance graduation 6 months after dislocating her knee she blew the audience away with her public funk dance exam and came away with honours and an achievement award, I was one very proud big sister!


This year she has given up dance for a while and taken up piano and I have to say, this child is too good at everything! Starting grade 7 this year she is following my footsteps (as much as she hates being told she is!) Bethany has joined in choirs, helped out the school with fundraising and been a class captain all while being her happy bubbly self with such a big heart.

Bethany is my inspiration. She is so strong and so brave that I wish I could just be half like her! She truly is an inspiration.


Not a day goes by that I am not proud of her or my other two siblings. I love them with all my heart and would do absolutely anything for them. But don’t tell them that, I need to pretend that I’m the bossy big sister that tells them what to do!

Amy-lee ❤


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