Happiness is a Journey not a Destination

Clicking that “register” button I didn’t regret a thing. I was signing up to shave my head for the Worlds Greatest Shave. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it, not even Mum, she found out through a text message later that day. I still remember her response “easy way of getting rid of regrowth!” As soon as I received my fundraising pack I got to work, advertising all over my Facebook page, sending donation boxes with my Nan and Pop to markets and raising money everywhere I could! I felt so happy, I was helping the Leukemia Foundation to be able to help people with Leukemia. The month before shaving my head I decided to run an online raffle. I got so much support and many donations from it! On the 15th of March my hair was shaved off. I raised a total of $700 and I was so glad I could help. That feeling of being able to give some hope and help to people that are in need of it was the most amazing feeling.


Few months later I got an urge to fundraise and help out again. This time I had huge trouble choosing just one charity (yes, that means many more auctions to come!) but in the end I chose Precious Hearts. Precious Hearts is a charity that provides care packages to children who have or are going to undergo heart surgery. I loved that they allowed me to raise money to help them out. Again, the adrenaline of raising money and helping out was fantastic. I loved every minute of hunting down businesses, planning the auction and contacting the winners. I managed to raise almost $800.


As you can probably tell, I love giving. Giving makes me happy. It doesn’t have to be anything large, I often simply walk through town smiling to strangers to make their day a little brighter, you have no idea if they have had a rough day or are going through a rough patch but a small smile always helps. The is nothing better than knowing you made someone happy, cheered someone up or made a situation easier for someone.

My goal in life is to inspire someone so much that they can say to me “you’re the reason I didn’t give up”, I’ve inspired many people from shaving my head, to dealing with failing well to just posting ideas and quotes everyday. I love happiness, but remember it is a journey not a destination.


My job for you? To turn to someone near you and tell them you love them with a smile or send someone a message just to make them smile. Random acts of kindness are the quickest way to make yourself feel good.

Much love,
Amy-lee ❤


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