Hello 2014!

For Bubble Kids 2013 was a big year, we met our 1,000 likes milestone and ended the year with 5,000. We raised over $1,500 for various charities and we made entertaining children much easier for many families across the world.

2014 will see us expanding and becoming bigger and better. We have plans to become more than just a Facebook page, we plan to spread out into our local area and further across the internet.

I would like Bubble kids to be come well known in all different states of the world. I love what I do, I love making people happy but yet, the highlight of Bubble Kids is seeing the reaction of people when I raise money for their charities.

I have our mascot, Olive, to help me out now. She joined Bubble Kids at the beginning of this year. She will keep me in line and post a few blogs of her on! The aim of having Olive is to create a few giggles and give you something to share with your children, she will get up to mischief and follow me everywhere.

I love Bubble Kids and sometimes I still don’t believe that it has gotten this big, I never had big dreams for this but I do now and I believe it can be done with the help of all of you.

So keep your eyes peeled, 2014 will bring many new adventures and ideas to Bubble Kids.

Thank you for supporting me. ❤


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