Sam & I

You always hear about friendships and relationships starting through social networks. I never believed in them, I thought that to be close to someone you had to know them in person. But in January this year, I was proven wrong. I was planning my first big charity raffle for the World’s Greatest Shave. I contacted 14 different businesses about donating prizes. One of those 14 businesses was Bewitching Jewels. And that was it.

8 months later and Sam and I are as close as two peas in a pod with a bond stronger than most. Anyone would think we have been friends for life. We have definitely had our fair share of rough patches but we always come out stronger and with more trust in each other than before. Our friendship stretches across thousands of kilometres but yet we live in each others pockets.

For people that have never met we are scarily alike. We think the same thoughts, have the same ideas and even finish each others sentences. I’ve been asked many times “how is it possible to be friends with someone you never see?” well our bond is so strong that the distance is very rarely an issue and even when it is, a quick dose of ‘air cuddles’ and it is all fixed. Sam and I often talk about the day that we will meet and considering how bad and alike we are through text I feel sorry for anyone that has to be near us!

We stepped into each others life’s at just the right time, a time where Sam needed that little bit of an extra push to keep her business going, me being me, told her to not be so silly and jumped on and helped her. To this day I still do all the behind the scenes work and love every moment of it.

The friendship I have with Sam is one of the reasons I am here today, along with family members, she believes in me and pushes me to do what she knows I love and am good at. And never takes “I can’t do that” for an answer (which, sometimes, can be frustrating!) but I wouldn’t swap our friendship for anything.

So here is to many many more years of friendship!

Amy-lee ❤



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