Life from a different point of view

It is often said that people who don’t have a special needs individual in their family or friendship circle are the lucky ones. I disagree. Children and adults who have additional needs, no matter what it is, make you see life from a different point of view.

I have grown up with my Aspergers siblings, my younger sister and brother, and have loved every moment, yes there are times were I might have to repeat something or calm them down from getting so excited but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having them in my life has given me another perspective to how life is meant to be lived, the small things just slip by them without them even realizing, they have one focus at a time and are both very naturally caring and sympathic to everything they don’t feel is right.

One of my many favourite parts is how they can watch a movie once and quote it word for word and I mean every movie from Star Trek to Rush Hour, if they have seen it they can probably give you a full run down, quotes included! Watching them do household chores (like the dishes for example) and hearing them quote majority of a movie is a sure way to make to you smile and realize that life is never really that bad!

Like most people who have Aspergers, my sister and brother have an amazing talent in different aspects. Chloe is absolutely amazing at drawing, she can make a photo the size of an iPhone screen into a beautiful A1 masterpiece, all within a few hours, no drawing grids, penciling in important lines or anything, just straight to drawing! Every time I watch her, I’m still amazed that she can just do it, as I would have a thousand drafts before my final copy! Chloe drew these Vans for Mum’s Birthday, in one of her favourite colours and everything, every time I walk past them in the lounge room it still surprises me that it isn’t a photograph!


Rudy has many talents the two main ones being; the ability to pull apart anything and being able to put it all back together exactly how it was; phones, lawn mowers, car parts, anything, you name it, he has probably tried it! His other talent being photography, a hobby that can keep him occupied for hours, although he does get frustrated when trying to photograph the moon! I love this photo of a wallaby up in forestry of whom Rudy named “Joey”


I love having Chloe and Rudy in my life and enjoy the pointless conversations we have, I really wouldn’t change my family at all because at the end of the day I’m lucky to have them! Oh and my littlest sister, Bethany!

From left: Bethany, Chloe, Myself and Rudy

Both Chloe and Rudy have followed their big sisters footsteps and have their own Facebook pages. You can check Chloe’s art out over at Creative Flow and Rudy’s photography over at RJG Photography.

Next time you see a child, teenager or even an adult getting overly excited and flapping their hands or fiddling or someone having a meltdown over change or anything, give them a big welcoming smile, they are just like the rest of us.

And to all those people who have additional needs, you are just as fantastic as everyone else and to those that know someone with additional needs, remember, you are the lucky one.

Amy-lee ❤


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