Happy Birthday to us!!

Happy Birthday to us! Both of our Facebook pages turn one today. We, before we knew each other, made our Facebook pages on the same day! Here is a little bit about both pages and us. ❤


This time last year I put my left foot forward and took the step to start Bubble Kids. At the time I didn’t think I could do it, but looking back now I realize that I was truly wrong. Many changes have been made over time, looks, admins and the way it runs but I still love every minute of it.

Over time I’ve had days were I want to give it up because of people who are disapproving or people who take all the credit and take what we spend hours putting together to use it as their own. I still have days were I want to give it up but I generally cure that by posting a status and seeing how much everyone loves what we do.

I do love doing what I do, love spending hours searching out new ideas or finding a particular idea for someone who has requested it. I love working along side Sam to bring together the page that everyone loves.

A year on and I had no idea I would’ve come so far. I have not only found and built the beautiful friendship with Sam but I have made many more true friendships throughout my journey that I was never excepting. I now write a blog about anything and everything, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the encouragement that came from Sam and my many loyal followers that have supported my journey. I have also started a book and I am in the process of a newsletter with many more ideas to come!

The highlight of most of my mornings is jumping on and seeing how many new likes and notifications have accumulated overnight, never fails to disappoint me! Even after a bad day I can jump on and know that there are heaps of people who love what we do.

As I said, my journey over the year has not been what I expected. If someone told me 12 months ago that I would have made some new very royal and true friendships with people I have never met I would’ve laughed at them! I could write for hours about who has inspired me or helped me through but unfortunately I have to leave some room for Sam to write about Bewitching Jewels so I’ll be fast!

Rachel from Inspirational Advice and I became friends back in May when I helped her out on her other page. We get along well and we have some very unusual conversations. Rachel often helps me with writing or tells me what I can do to make it better. And then there is the amazing Alicia from Something Pretty Something Blue. Alicia is well, Alicia! She always knows what to say and is always there to make me smile! Without these two lovely ladies and the amazing Sam I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have. They are my own personal support team.

Lastly, I would like to quickly thank all of you for helping me get this far and all of your comments and ongoing support! Both Sam and I really appreciate every little bit.

So help us celebrate Bubble Kids and Bewitching Jewels‘ birthday by entering our giveaway. Happy Birthday to us!

❤ Amy-lee


When I started Bewitching Jewels this time last year I was a stay at home mum looking for something else to do, I had always been creative in one way or the other so I created Bewitching Jewels in hope that I could extend my creativity into a business. I loved it when I started out, making customers happy and making some new friends were the highlight of my job. Over time I have explored my creativity further, I have stepped away from my comfort zone and created many pieces inspired by a simple thought or idea. To this day, I still love working and making customers happy.

Amy-lee has, over a few months, become the other half of Bewitching Jewels. At one stage I was overwhelmed with orders and wanted to close my page and stop my business. I told Amy-lee this and she quite sternly told me not to be so silly, jumped on and has never left. With her responding to my messages and emailing me every work day with the work that I need to do it has made it much easier for me to handle. Although I now have to sometimes share my employee of the month award!

Other than making customers happy the best part of my job is when I’m giving free reign on an order and able to create what I think would work best. I absolutely love experimenting and playing with wire, it is one of the many highlights of my job. The Disney Princesses are our inspiration at the moment. Our range of princess necklaces and pieces are expanding every week and we love it!

I love feedback, I love seeing my items in action and reading about how much they are loved by their owners. Amy-lee and I pride ourselves on great customer service, we go out of our way to reply as promptly as we can and provide all the information needed so we love hearing about how that is appreciated.

Most of all, I love my ongoing supporters, so to all of you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Help us celebrate by entering in our giveaway!

❤ Sam


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to us!!

  1. Congratulations to both of you for your fantastic achievements so far. We are very honoured to be part of your birthday celebrations. Looking forward to your 18th!!!!!

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