Introducing Myself

For those that may not already follow us on Facebook here is some background information about myself and Bubble Kids.


My name is Amy-lee and I am 20 years old. I am a Pre-Service Early Childhood Teacher. I have a passion for helping, I will help anyone, with anything, if given the chance. I love fundraising for charities and participating in Random Acts of Kindness. I created Bubble Kids in October last year for a place to keep all my ideas since then it has created many new roads for me. I have formed some very strong friendships, I have fund-raised and I have now taken it that step further to blogging.

When I first begun Bubble Kids I did it alone. A few months later I was lucky to meet, and come quite close to, Sam who has been admin for roughly 5 months and in the past month she has jumped up to be co-owner/manager with me. Sam owns Bewitching Jewels and between the two of us we work together to bring both of our pages the best posts or customer service as possible. Sam is not joining me on my blogging journey but yet she will be in the background editing away.

Stepping out on my own to take on this new part of Bubble Kids was a spontaneous idea. I had a beautiful friend tell me that they to had taken the step. So I said why not? Why not challenge myself and stretch that little bit further. I’ve always enjoyed writing but have fallen in love with it lately. I just love being able to put words to paper (weird I know!) and writing about whatever I feel like when I feel like it! I plan on blogging about anything and everything but all with a focus on creativity and children development in hope that I can provide parents, educators, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, siblings and even aunties and uncles with ideas on how to help children develop while having fun! And most of all, all at a low (most of the time non existent) cost.

I am also planning on helping some small businesses out by reviewing their products and then blogging about them for you all to see. 

I hope you all enjoy following me and reading what I write.

Feel free to join us on Facebook at Bubble Kids and check out Sam’s work over at Bewitching Jewels you wont be disappointed!

Amy-lee ❤


12 thoughts on “Introducing Myself

  1. Well done Amy-lee. You are an inspiration to your generation. Get your words, thoughts, helpfulness & well meaning attitude out there as much as you can. Do it anyway you can & show the world how it is done. I’m looking forward to whatever you wish to share. xx

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